Citizenship & RRVs

Australian Citizenship is governed by a separate Commonwealth Government Act and while these applications can be relatively straightforward, there are continued measures to tighten the eligiblity requirements for individuals who wish to transition from permanent residence to citizenship.

Citizenship may be granted by conferral, descent or under special circumstances and will generally require a minimum continuous period of residence of four years, with the final 12 months in this period requiring permanent residence status. Citizenship does not generally require an eligible individual to meet new health requirements however these applications may be refused (or subsequently revoked) on character grounds.

Permanent residents who are unable to apply for citizenship must also be aware that they may need a Resident Return Visa before they depart Australia, if it has been five years since their permanent visa was granted. Similar to Australian Citizenship, Resident Return Visas are subject to a mandatory minimum residence requirement which may sometimes be difficult to meet for frequent travellers.

Our team has experience in assisting clients with Australian Citizenship and Resident Return Visas, particularly in cases where it may be difficult to meet the standard residence requirements or where a character issue exists. We can provide advice on available residence concessions and eligibility, and also provide full assistance with preparation and submission of these applications.